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03 13 16


Olberg a place with many wild and natural qualities I felt almost in a meditative state while wandering the sands.

As a child I visited many a shoreline across the country and more specifically Scotland. Yesterday the trip to Olben reminded me so much of those precious times, scavenging on the beach and listening to the waves crashing.

The wooden huts by the beach and the fishing tackle left in the open reaffirms my belief that the Norwegian culture is so laid back and honest. There is no need to hide your precious tools for the next haul that comes in and there is definitely no room for mess.

The color pallet and the textures of this slice of Norway has definitely made an impression on my and I hope to recreate this into my printmaking when I get back home.

Next stop is Bergen for one night and then onto the remote Flam (pronounced flom)

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