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Blackpool Art Carbooty 2015

01 04 16

Stanley Chow for Blackpool Art Carbooty 2015


Its been a very busy 12 months for me as I was commissioned by Arts Council England to host the Northern Art Carbooty in Manchester and tour this model to Blackpool in October 2015 although the work started in October 2014!

The event was made up of live art including Paper Gallery artist Rachel Pursglove and the ‘repetitive task’, table top selling from the likes of Stanley Chow, food, music, community led stalls and a special performance from Urban Dance Project.

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Spare Parts Festival Commission

07 11 14

Seagull Screen Print

With just over one week to go we are super excited for our next art commission at Fleetwoods Tram Sunday. This year LeftCoast (a local Creative People in Places funding initiative) have commissioned various artists and creatives to be apart of their half of Tram Sunday – the Spare Parts Festival.

I decided to apply for funding to do something quirky and unique on board two trams and have been successful in gaining the grant. This side of Squirrel & Tiffin is quite a new approach having been an artist for many years but never curating an independent art space.

This commission includes a terrarium, camera obscura as well as creative workshop and some very exciting theatre.

So come along to Pharos Street on Sunday 20th July between 10-5pm and we will gladly welcome you on board!

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Creative Call Out

05 08 14

a blank canvas

I have had a busy few weeks getting ready for a large Commission (supported by LeftCoast Blackpool) that involves us curating a space at the next Tram Sunday in Fleetwood. I have two vintage trams and through various creative ways I will be making these an immersive experience for all who goes on board the static spaces.

One tram will be a terrarium and filled with live trees and foliage as well as lots of tiny knitted insects and flowers. I am looking for anyone and everyone to be involved and to contribute as much or as little to the project as possible.
Interested? Here are the details…

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Creative on Tour


03 31 14

St Peters Bassilica

Today is the first day I have been back to work properly as the week after my trip to Rome I caught a cold and have been out of action.. Looking back at the holiday ‘snaps’ I made a conscious effort to make a record of all the small details in the many Basilicas (Churches) I visited as they were so grand and there was definitely a LOT to look at once inside.

Taking in a few guided tours is my favourite way to spend a holiday as you get to learn about the place you are visiting in lots of detail. I have always been fascinated with history from being a young child, which is a good thing as my parents (especially my father) made a point of visiting any castle or ruin where ever the family holiday took us. There isn’t a castle in the UK I have not visited at some point! Read More

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Essex Art detour

01 02 14

The Minories Colchester Essex

During my trip down south I decided to take a de-tour to Colchester as I have some friends who live there and I am always hearing of the creative and interesting things that are happening there on a regular basis.

The first place we visited was The Minories an old Tudor building dating from the pre 1700s that houses galleries, events, study groups, cafe, shop and a beautiful 18th century Gothic walled garden.

The current exhibitions are Simon Newby’s Mr.Eighty and Colette Magnus’ Almost Seen. Both explore the art of printmaking and I found Colette’s work particularly interesting as the paintings have been bought through a process that involves making cuttings of materials that are then grafted, grown, erased and grown again to reveal the image.

Visually it reminded me of the work of Tracey Eastham and re-affirmed the idea of mixed media artwork and the creative aspects of collage that we will be bringing to people in January for this project.

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Harrington and Squires Letterpress Workshop

11 15 13

Harrington and Squires Letterpress LondonThe second workshop I attended during my R&D with ACE grants for the arts was one in London with the fabulous Harrington and Squires at Tufnell Park (not Toughnall as I found out during the day!).

Letterpress is something I have wanted to explore for a long time now but haven’t got the chance to do so. The only creative letter type imagery I have produced has been through screen print and that usually comes from an image I have taken. To be truthful letters and type have never crossed my mind as being anything creative as its something that has already been chosen for me within my daily life. Such as the fonts and styles determined by my Apple technology or Word documents.

Oh how wrong I was..! Harrington and Squires is a quirky building build literally in between two ‘normal’ buildings. It is made up of three corridor style floors, white brick walls, heavy wooden floors and lots of crafty storage solutions.

The ground floor offers you a shop, trays of letters to choose from and a toilet hidden behind a mirror. The first floor is where the fabulous Adana metal letter presses live with the paper and ink. The third floor is the kitchen and office. Together at the hear of this is Chrissie Charlton and Vicky Fullick who run the building with precise efficiency. The workshops only cater to two people at a time as the space is literally a corridor but that makes it all the more personal and the work you can produce is of quality and elegance.

To start the process you choose a word, saying or both from the vast amounts of fonts available not forgetting the small symbols such as the printers fist. Then it is lined up on a composing stick with lead the size of your longest line as well as spacing from the mutton and nuts (my favourite saying ever!).

Once this is all how you would like it to be you then secure the lettering into a metal frame and use more ‘furniture’ to bulk out the parts where there is a gap. After this you secure the frame to the letterpress, ink up the bed, secure the register paper and print off a proof. Some adjusting of the paper is then done so you can get exactly what you want on the paper you have chosen and away you go!

Overall this has been my most exciting workshop and one that has changed my work forever!