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Printmaking with natural dye

06 16 16

Turmeric Dye Bath Tea and Coffee Dye Bath

Its all been a bit quiet on the blogging front due to the grey area of crossing over between two projects. This usually means there are lots of days where you feel nothing is getting done until the end of the week and you start to see the fruits of your hard work.

Here is the start of a new research and development grant funded project (via LeftCoast) to experiment and explore how nature can provide the pigments and dyes to use in printmaking. This serves two purposes. One is to teach the young people I work with at the Mereside Boys and Girls Club how to grow food and what small changes healthy eating can achieve. Once the food has been grown I will also use a small percentage of the produce to then experiment with creating inks to print making my own work 100% organic.

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Spare Parts Festival Commission

07 11 14

Seagull Screen Print

With just over one week to go we are super excited for our next art commission at Fleetwoods Tram Sunday. This year LeftCoast (a local Creative People in Places funding initiative) have commissioned various artists and creatives to be apart of their half of Tram Sunday – the Spare Parts Festival.

I decided to apply for funding to do something quirky and unique on board two trams and have been successful in gaining the grant. This side of Squirrel & Tiffin is quite a new approach having been an artist for many years but never curating an independent art space.

This commission includes a terrarium, camera obscura as well as creative workshop and some very exciting theatre.

So come along to Pharos Street on Sunday 20th July between 10-5pm and we will gladly welcome you on board!

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Creative Call Out

05 08 14

a blank canvas

I have had a busy few weeks getting ready for a large Commission (supported by LeftCoast Blackpool) that involves us curating a space at the next Tram Sunday in Fleetwood. I have two vintage trams and through various creative ways I will be making these an immersive experience for all who goes on board the static spaces.

One tram will be a terrarium and filled with live trees and foliage as well as lots of tiny knitted insects and flowers. I am looking for anyone and everyone to be involved and to contribute as much or as little to the project as possible.
Interested? Here are the details…

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Monoprint Workshop

01 27 14

Monoprint Workshop

Today was the last workshop I will be holding at the Squirrel & Tiffin Pop-Up Exhibition space but there will be one more this coming Wednesday held by artist Claire Bates on Book Sculpture.

Monoprinting was a skill I learnt back at the start of the Grant period at Hotbed Press in Salford Manchester. I found it difficult to draw freehand as a photographer and screen printer but still wanted to include this in the workshop listings mainly because no where else in Blackpool has the facility to do so.

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Expressive Letter Art Workshop

01 23 14

Letter Art Workshop

The Expressive Letter Art Workshop was held by a duo team in the shape of Boz and Mr.Dee, two local artists with a unique style from installation art and graffiti urban art.

Expressive Letter Art was approached with the idea of Seamail to Email a concept the couple have been working on now for a few years and involves making your own message art work in a bottle.

First of all we studied various forms of letter writing including one on deer skin that has lasted over 100 years and then set to writing our own on a piece of white paper so we can see how many lines to draw on our ‘aged’ paper.

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Lino Printing Workshop

Lino Print Workshop

Lino Cutting is one of those printmaking techniques that is both simple but very effective. On Monday I taught participants how to create a Lino stamp using tracing paper, pencil, easy cut Lino and Lino cutting tools.

First of all we had a look through some magazines to get the ideas generated and started to trace part or whole of the image onto the tracing paper using a pencil. This is then placed on top of the Lino and when you draw over the reverse of the pencil drawing it transfers the pencil led onto the Lino making it easy for us to carve around.

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