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Fleetwoods Fallen Soldiers Project

08 31 16

Over the last few weeks I have been putting the final parts together for the Fleetwood Memorial Park project and I am happy to say its now up and (almost) ready to be viewed!

The project was commissioned by Heritage Lottery and was part of the regeneration of Memorial Park in Fleetwood, including the parks landscaping and the Pavilion where this work now sits. All of the servicemen have been researched by volunteers and I used this information to create small pieces of artwork that then all sit together as one piece.

The launch for the work will be Friday 9th September 12-2pm and all is welcome!

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Venn Projects

01 24 14

Venn Projects

I am delighted to announce that the current exhibition will go on tour in February up the road to the Gallery at FYCreatives a little place called Venn Projects.

Venn Projects is made up of three parts. Part one is FYCreatives which is a Blackpool Council run building that has studios for creative businesses, gives advice to start-up businesses and houses the gallery. Garth Gratrix is the main point of contact and as an independent artist himself he curates and programs the space with the help of the other two parts.

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Squirrel & Tiffin Pop-Up workshop and art space

01 05 14

Squirrel and Tiffin Pop Up Blackpool

During the last ten weeks I have been busy trying to get the Squirrel & Tiffin exhibition, workshop and arts cafe space ready for the opening. To say I have had to beg, steal or borrow is an understatement!

With little or no budget to get the space looking right I knew it would be a challenge but with the help of Houndshill Blackpool it came together nicely. First of all they painted the walls white so I had a base to hang the work. I was then able to fashion together some tables out of pallets they delivered which filled out the gigantic space to make two distinct areas – workshop bench and cafe.

The next challenge was to get some seats for people so I spoke to the team at North Pier who kindly delivered some golden chairs adding some sparkle to the space!

Once the work was up, floors swept, windows washed, wood table tops cut and secured, window designed and drawn, black backdrops painted, information printed and nailed up, flowers cut, pillars painted, vases crafted, table runners made.. I was ready for the open night!

A big thanks go to the following for supporting the project and making it all happen – Arts Council England, Blackpool Houndshill, Blackpool BID, Cafe Fresch, North Pier, Junes Fabrics, Savoy Timber, Hotbed Press, Harrington & Squires, Garth Gratrix and all my lovely friends and family too!

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Essex Art detour

01 02 14

The Minories Colchester Essex

During my trip down south I decided to take a de-tour to Colchester as I have some friends who live there and I am always hearing of the creative and interesting things that are happening there on a regular basis.

The first place we visited was The Minories an old Tudor building dating from the pre 1700s that houses galleries, events, study groups, cafe, shop and a beautiful 18th century Gothic walled garden.

The current exhibitions are Simon Newby’s Mr.Eighty and Colette Magnus’ Almost Seen. Both explore the art of printmaking and I found Colette’s work particularly interesting as the paintings have been bought through a process that involves making cuttings of materials that are then grafted, grown, erased and grown again to reveal the image.

Visually it reminded me of the work of Tracey Eastham and re-affirmed the idea of mixed media artwork and the creative aspects of collage that we will be bringing to people in January for this project.