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03 13 16

Stavanger_oldTownStavanger_PortStreet artScandi style living

Flying has never been a favorite of mine so when the opportunity to go to Norway came up I was delighted it was only an hour away. A smooth ride over the clouds a few bumps through them and I could see the vast waterways and rock formations of Stavanger.

I was greeted by my long lost friend Kenny, my best and most valued friend at university. I can not believe it has been 8/9 years since we last met and it’s like nothing has changed!

Saturday was a day exploring the wild and windy coast down to Olberg (see my next post!) and then back to the docks for food and drinks. Everybody warns Norway is expensive and it is but it’s so clean, safe, good quality food and drink, the service is excellent and who can resist the architecture? I would rather pay a little bit more and earn a lot more to live this way.

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Natural Soy Wax Melts from the Valley Mill

02 11 16

Valley Mill Wax MeltsSoy Wax Melts Valley MillIndividual Wax Melts A few weeks back I was gifted these luxurious soy wax melts from the nice people at the Valley Mill shop in Wales. I had ordered lots of things online that particular week and waited in anticipation for this little box to arrive. When it did I certainly knew about it as I could smell the sweet scents before I opened the package – what a nice treat dropping through my letterbox!

The two scents I chose were Jasmine (because I love the smell) and Bara Brith a traditional Welsh cake (also the first one I tried out). After lighting my candle it was a matter of minutes before the wax had melted into a clear liquid. The smell was DIVINE! I am completely a cake person but with New Year’s resolutions still lingering I haven’t treated myself as much as I used to. This lovely cakey smell filled my living room without being over bearing with the added bonus of having zero calories.

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Home Grown

01 31 16

Home Style

After reading an article on The Guardian website about toxins that we breath in on a daily basis, I started to research natural ways I could purify the air in my home. This then led me to bring as much greenery into my house as possible as it is the average house plant that neutralise toxins best – better than any shop bought method in fact.

My track record with house plants thus far has been a few shop bought mint plants for cooking, cut fresh flowers (Aldi have the best selection!) and one cacti that lived under a dome glass for a few years unwatered. With my small experience at the allotment I figured it wouldn’t be that hard to tend to two plants if they can filter such toxins as formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia.

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Livin’ the Good Life

01 26 16

St. John WashingtonElk Washington

St.John Washington

A little over a year ago I went on the trip of a lifetime to see my relatives in Washington. I stayed in two towns, the first St.John a grain town with lots of beautiful rolling hills and one main high street. The second was Elk Washington, more of a huge pine forest with no high street just a one stop shop and a grange hall (white wood building similar to a town hall founded after the civil war).

What has this got to do with printmaking? I hear you ask? Well its got everything to do with being a freelance creative and understanding your own practice as well as being appreciative for what you have and have achieved.

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