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10 11 16

As the seasons change and the end of the year approaches, many of us are looking to what we have achieved and what is still left to do before 2017.

For me I have been looking at the various projects completed and new products made and have a great sense of achievement for what 2016 has thrown at me. I am especially fond of the Soldiers project where I was able to make a piece of visual art that was as delicate and sensitive as I had hoped for.

On my recent travels I came across these two shop entrances and was completely in awe of them. I have always dreamt of having my own shop but understand that the challenges of this are great and the expense even greater. I already have in my mid what I would sell and how I would run the shop but the place I live is not ideal.. online I hear you say? Well maybe.. so 2017 how are you looking? Quite exciting really!



01 17 16

Atkinsons Cafe Lancaster

Sunday. The best time to hang out in trendy coffee shops, take a walk, read that book and do the weekly chores.

As a freelance creative its usually the time for a small break but today as you may or may not have noticed I have updated my website. Although it is still a bit wonky in places it means I can combine lots of the strands to Squirrel & Tiffin that you don’t normally see all in one place. I find it hard to update the many social media outlets now available to us due to being at the studio but one of my #etsyresolutions is that I will commit to at least one post a week.

So what to talk about? There will be lots of different creative posts on this blog because as a freelancer my work is varied and my interests are very much anything that sparks my attention. I will be blogging about any recent commissions (currently I am lead artists at the pavilion in Fleetwood for Wyre Council) as well as places I visit and most definitely the studio.

I can’t guarantee the most excellent reading but I can show you what life is like for a freelance traditional printmaker from the North West of England is like.

While I spend the rest of the day listening to BBC Radio 6 and planning the next few blog posts I wish you a very Happy Sunday!

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New Beginnings 2015

01 22 15

Planning 2015

Well hello there 2015 how very nice to meet you! As you can tell blogging isn’t really Squirrel’s strong point with our last post being in summer 2014. The reasons for this is mainly down to the fact we got ourselves a shiny new studio and have hibernated in there for the last part of the year making new products to take to market.

Now that Christmas is out of the way we are looking to what this year may bring. We have already started working on a new range of letterpress cards including those all important Valentines Day ones. Both very exciting and have already been accepted into a few new shops locally which we are super happy about.

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Venn Projects

01 24 14

Venn Projects

I am delighted to announce that the current exhibition will go on tour in February up the road to the Gallery at FYCreatives a little place called Venn Projects.

Venn Projects is made up of three parts. Part one is FYCreatives which is a Blackpool Council run building that has studios for creative businesses, gives advice to start-up businesses and houses the gallery. Garth Gratrix is the main point of contact and as an independent artist himself he curates and programs the space with the help of the other two parts.

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