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Living Names Commission

02 02 16

Living Names Project

Living Names Project

Living Names Project

Just before Christmas last year I found out I had been selected as the lead artist for the Living Names Project at Fleetwood funded by Wyre Council. The Living Names project was a two year volunteer led initiative that helped to identify the names listed on the war memorial at Memorial Park in Fleetwood. The information found has been uploaded to the Imperial War Museum site ‘Lives of the First World War‘ and the next step is for me to use this information and create a piece of art.

Over the festive period I was able to cosy up on the sofa and start to read all about the 330 servicemen I would be working with. As you can imagine some of the newspaper clippings have been hard to read but highlighted the sensitive nature of this work and how important it is to be created.

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Hello Little Letterpress

01 22 16

Adana 5 x 3 Letterpress

This week I was fortunate enough to seek out the smallest letterpress in the Adana family and welcome it into the studio. The ‘five-three’ press is perfect for making cards, small artwork and new for 2016 at Squirrel and Tiffin HQ – Wedding Stationery.

I regularly teach workshops off site and relish in the satisfaction I get from teaching people about the older techniques used for printmaking. Even the most simplest typewriter can open the eyes of a small child in this technology seeped world.

If you are interested in letterpress and the workshops available at the studio please do get in touch. The studio door is open, the coffee is being filtered and inky fingers await!


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Commissions - Printmaking - Studio

Living Names Project

01 04 16

Test screen print for the living names project with were council

This January I am really excited to have been chosen as the lead artists for the living names project over Wyre.

The project aims to identify each soldiers story marked on the memorial in Memorial Park Fleetwood. The artwork is to bring the stories and information forward that has been researched by the volunteers of memorial park over a two year period.

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New Beginnings 2015

01 22 15

Planning 2015

Well hello there 2015 how very nice to meet you! As you can tell blogging isn’t really Squirrel’s strong point with our last post being in summer 2014. The reasons for this is mainly down to the fact we got ourselves a shiny new studio and have hibernated in there for the last part of the year making new products to take to market.

Now that Christmas is out of the way we are looking to what this year may bring. We have already started working on a new range of letterpress cards including those all important Valentines Day ones. Both very exciting and have already been accepted into a few new shops locally which we are super happy about.

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Lino Printing Workshop

01 23 14

Lino Print Workshop

Lino Cutting is one of those printmaking techniques that is both simple but very effective. On Monday I taught participants how to create a Lino stamp using tracing paper, pencil, easy cut Lino and Lino cutting tools.

First of all we had a look through some magazines to get the ideas generated and started to trace part or whole of the image onto the tracing paper using a pencil. This is then placed on top of the Lino and when you draw over the reverse of the pencil drawing it transfers the pencil led onto the Lino making it easy for us to carve around.

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