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How does your garden grow?

05 19 16

Blackpool Boys and Girls Club

If you have been keeping up to date with my Twitter feed then you know I have been a busy Squirrel trying to renovate this small patch of green space at the Boys and Girls Club on Mereside.

So far we have some small pots with onions and garden peas growing but we are ready to take this to the next stage and get a vegetable patch built. This is all so we can educate the young people in healthy eating as well as looking at alternative ways to use the vegetables – such as ink pigments and natural fabric dyes.

Network Rail have (almost) promised us some Railway sleepers to get this happening and the lovely Max McMurdo from various Channel 4 up cycling shows has helped with suggestions but now I am asking YOU if you can help us? Please share this with your friends and family – healthy eating and education should not be this hard for the lovely children at the Boys and Girls Club!

Allotment - Growing - Nature - Printmaking - Skill Learning

Organic ink and dye growing starts!

02 10 16

Allotment, sunshine, dayGrowing, Seeds, Organic

Teasel, seeds, sewing,Lats summer I experimented with the idea of using plants and natural foliage to create my own inks for printing. I also had the opportunity to make some natural dyes for the fabrics I use when screen printing.

Although I found the process quite hard at times I did find great comfort in knowing I could use the allotment (and the wonderful staff at GrowBlackpool) to answer any and all of my questions. There was some small victories in using beetroot boiled for hours and a surprising result with wild grass but never anything solid and that I could rely on.

Today I was able to reignite this passion over a conversation in the Polytunnel sewing Teasel seeds. I discussed my idea with the head of the allotment and she too was excited of the idea that I could grow and use my own produce for printing and decided to allocate me my very own plot!

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Skill Learning


01 14 16

Training for small creative businesses and artists is readily available online these days as we all know how difficult it can be to attend events especially when they are in the city.

January has always been the time when I try and update the website, learn a new skill or simply spend more time in front of the Mac rather than printing at the studio.

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Creative Call Out

05 08 14

a blank canvas

I have had a busy few weeks getting ready for a large Commission (supported by LeftCoast Blackpool) that involves us curating a space at the next Tram Sunday in Fleetwood. I have two vintage trams and through various creative ways I will be making these an immersive experience for all who goes on board the static spaces.

One tram will be a terrarium and filled with live trees and foliage as well as lots of tiny knitted insects and flowers. I am looking for anyone and everyone to be involved and to contribute as much or as little to the project as possible.
Interested? Here are the details…

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Monoprint Workshop

01 27 14

Monoprint Workshop

Today was the last workshop I will be holding at the Squirrel & Tiffin Pop-Up Exhibition space but there will be one more this coming Wednesday held by artist Claire Bates on Book Sculpture.

Monoprinting was a skill I learnt back at the start of the Grant period at Hotbed Press in Salford Manchester. I found it difficult to draw freehand as a photographer and screen printer but still wanted to include this in the workshop listings mainly because no where else in Blackpool has the facility to do so.

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Creative - Skill Learning - Workshop

Expressive Letter Art Workshop

01 23 14

Letter Art Workshop

The Expressive Letter Art Workshop was held by a duo team in the shape of Boz and Mr.Dee, two local artists with a unique style from installation art and graffiti urban art.

Expressive Letter Art was approached with the idea of Seamail to Email a concept the couple have been working on now for a few years and involves making your own message art work in a bottle.

First of all we studied various forms of letter writing including one on deer skin that has lasted over 100 years and then set to writing our own on a piece of white paper so we can see how many lines to draw on our ‘aged’ paper.

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