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Time To Read Commission

03 02 16

Screen PrintA few weeks ago I was asked to provide 600 five color screen printed tote bags for Time To Read the North West Libraries development partnership. Its the biggest screen printing job I have taken on to date and always wanting to challenge myself I agreed and started to prepare.

The design for the bags came from artist Vanessa Cuthbert a Manchester based artist who says ‘connecting reading and art has always been important to her’ in her interview with Clancy Mason the reader development officer in charge of this project. I too took on this job not only for the challenge but because I have such a passion for reading and the important role the libraries play in our lives. Hearing that funding is being cut over Lancashire, jeopardizing the future of the library establishments really grates on me.

The bags that I have been printing are to celebrate National Libraries Day and will be available to local residents across the North West at local libraries soon. Whats your favorite read at the moment? I am currently reading The Taxidermist Daughter by Kate Moss.

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Hello Little Letterpress

01 22 16

Adana 5 x 3 Letterpress

This week I was fortunate enough to seek out the smallest letterpress in the Adana family and welcome it into the studio. The ‘five-three’ press is perfect for making cards, small artwork and new for 2016 at Squirrel and Tiffin HQ – Wedding Stationery.

I regularly teach workshops off site and relish in the satisfaction I get from teaching people about the older techniques used for printmaking. Even the most simplest typewriter can open the eyes of a small child in this technology seeped world.

If you are interested in letterpress and the workshops available at the studio please do get in touch. The studio door is open, the coffee is being filtered and inky fingers await!


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Monoprint Workshop

01 27 14

Monoprint Workshop

Today was the last workshop I will be holding at the Squirrel & Tiffin Pop-Up Exhibition space but there will be one more this coming Wednesday held by artist Claire Bates on Book Sculpture.

Monoprinting was a skill I learnt back at the start of the Grant period at Hotbed Press in Salford Manchester. I found it difficult to draw freehand as a photographer and screen printer but still wanted to include this in the workshop listings mainly because no where else in Blackpool has the facility to do so.

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Creative - Skill Learning - Workshop

Expressive Letter Art Workshop

01 23 14

Letter Art Workshop

The Expressive Letter Art Workshop was held by a duo team in the shape of Boz and Mr.Dee, two local artists with a unique style from installation art and graffiti urban art.

Expressive Letter Art was approached with the idea of Seamail to Email a concept the couple have been working on now for a few years and involves making your own message art work in a bottle.

First of all we studied various forms of letter writing including one on deer skin that has lasted over 100 years and then set to writing our own on a piece of white paper so we can see how many lines to draw on our ‘aged’ paper.

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Lino Printing Workshop

Lino Print Workshop

Lino Cutting is one of those printmaking techniques that is both simple but very effective. On Monday I taught participants how to create a Lino stamp using tracing paper, pencil, easy cut Lino and Lino cutting tools.

First of all we had a look through some magazines to get the ideas generated and started to trace part or whole of the image onto the tracing paper using a pencil. This is then placed on top of the Lino and when you draw over the reverse of the pencil drawing it transfers the pencil led onto the Lino making it easy for us to carve around.

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