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Expressive Letter Art Workshop

01 23 14

Letter Art Workshop

The Expressive Letter Art Workshop was held by a duo team in the shape of Boz and Mr.Dee, two local artists with a unique style from installation art and graffiti urban art.

Expressive Letter Art was approached with the idea of Seamail to Email a concept the couple have been working on now for a few years and involves making your own message art work in a bottle.

First of all we studied various forms of letter writing including one on deer skin that has lasted over 100 years and then set to writing our own on a piece of white paper so we can see how many lines to draw on our ‘aged’ paper.

Then we either started to copy what we had written on the plain paper or we re-wrote it and then set to with the calligraphy pens.

I personally have never used a calligraphy pen so found this part quite challenging, dipping the nib into the pots to recharge them and working with an unusual flat side or sharp edge.

Once we had the letter how we wanted we started to decorate it with old maps of Blackpool, letterpress stamps of Blackpool Tower and various other creative techniques.

Overall we had a marvellous time, learning how old fashioned letter writing can be done and who knows if these are taken to the Sea where they will end up and who may respond!

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