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04 11 16


Arriving in Flam was once again a treat. The coach, train and two hour boat trip provided endless scenery and coupled with my ipod (Of monsters and Men album all the way!) I really felt in holiday mode.

Flam is a tiny village at the top end of a fjord and is the most picturesque of all. A short walk from the dock is Flam Camping and although the small chalets were out of use at this time of the year the main house proved to be just as nice with views across misty mountains each morning.

At this time of the year there isn’t many people floating about and this gives you a real sense of being out in the true Norwegian mountains. Speaking with the owners of the camp site they say that up to 5,000 people can unload from a liner each day with roughly a million visiting a year. This really is hard to imagine as it was so peaceful and I don’t think it would have the same effect bumping into people as you walk down the lanes.

There were many special moments had in Flam including a fjord safari on a misty day, watching the fog rise each morning, listening to the small cracks of avalanche and just admiring the scenery – in a nutshell you have to visit here if you are in Norway.

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