01 17 16

Atkinsons Cafe Lancaster

Sunday. The best time to hang out in trendy coffee shops, take a walk, read that book and do the weekly chores.

As a freelance creative its usually the time for a small break but today as you may or may not have noticed I have updated my website. Although it is still a bit wonky in places it means I can combine lots of the strands to Squirrel & Tiffin that you don’t normally see all in one place. I find it hard to update the many social media outlets now available to us due to being at the studio but one of my #etsyresolutions is that I will commit to at least one post a week.

So what to talk about? There will be lots of different creative posts on this blog because as a freelancer my work is varied and my interests are very much anything that sparks my attention. I will be blogging about any recent commissions (currently I am lead artists at the pavilion in Fleetwood for Wyre Council) as well as places I visit and most definitely the studio.

I can’t guarantee the most excellent reading but I can show you what life is like for a freelance traditional printmaker from the North West of England is like.

While I spend the rest of the day listening to BBC Radio 6 and planning the next few blog posts I wish you a very Happy Sunday!

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