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01 31 16

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After reading an article on The Guardian website about toxins that we breath in on a daily basis, I started to research natural ways I could purify the air in my home. This then led me to bring as much greenery into my house as possible as it is the average house plant that neutralise toxins best – better than any shop bought method in fact.

My track record with house plants thus far has been a few shop bought mint plants for cooking, cut fresh flowers (Aldi have the best selection!) and one cacti that lived under a dome glass for a few years unwatered. With my small experience at the allotment I figured it wouldn’t be that hard to tend to two plants if they can filter such toxins as formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia.

It comes as a big surprise to both me and the two plants that they have not only survived the cold months in my care but have now grown another! I know it was to be expected with the spider plant but I didn’t believe it was going to happen as the edges had become slightly brown and dry.

I am quite happy at this new tiny spider and the mini achievement of propagating in my bathroom. My next goal is to grow as many as possible and gift them to friends as they really have made a difference to my home (as well as the air!)

There is more information about air filtering plants written by NASA in the 1980’s that website published last year that I found really useful. They also have a great article on Squirrels I highly recommend too!

Do you have any home growing tips or techniques? Please do share in a comment below.


2 thoughts on “Home Grown

  1. Alli

    I love having indoor plants, there’s something so calming about them. My tip is to keep the little tag with the care instructions. Often I’ll chuck it away and then over water or not give it enough light. Keeping the care tag means you’ve got something to refer back to if things are not happy with your plant. Congrats on your baby plants!

  2. Chief Squirrel

    When its stormy outside (Hurricane Henry has battered Blackpool over the last few days constantly!) I also think its really nice to look at greenery inside and even imagine spring time coming. Yes I have the tags for the plants and I have just got a Rosemary tree for my kitchen and that one says some sun, moderate water and well drained. It came in a terracotta pot so it seems to already have the drainage and being on the window gives it some sun, I have also been watering moderately but it looks like its on the ‘turn’. I might have to pull it out and see whats happening below and move it to another window maybe? Just wanted some nice herbs for my pasta dishes and this looked lovely. I bought it at Aldi in the first week of the new year they had tons of different ones but I only got my hands on this one as was going to buy the other three available.


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