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03 31 14

St Peters Bassilica

Today is the first day I have been back to work properly as the week after my trip to Rome I caught a cold and have been out of action.. Looking back at the holiday ‘snaps’ I made a conscious effort to make a record of all the small details in the many Basilicas (Churches) I visited as they were so grand and there was definitely a LOT to look at once inside.

Taking in a few guided tours is my favourite way to spend a holiday as you get to learn about the place you are visiting in lots of detail. I have always been fascinated with history from being a young child, which is a good thing as my parents (especially my father) made a point of visiting any castle or ruin where ever the family holiday took us. There isn’t a castle in the UK I have not visited at some point!

Rome offered so many treasures including a printmaking exhibition tucked away behind the Trevi Fountain, more greenery than I imagined and of course wonderful food.


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