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Lino Printing Workshop

01 23 14

Lino Print Workshop

Lino Cutting is one of those printmaking techniques that is both simple but very effective. On Monday I taught participants how to create a Lino stamp using tracing paper, pencil, easy cut Lino and Lino cutting tools.

First of all we had a look through some magazines to get the ideas generated and started to trace part or whole of the image onto the tracing paper using a pencil. This is then placed on top of the Lino and when you draw over the reverse of the pencil drawing it transfers the pencil led onto the Lino making it easy for us to carve around.

Once we have worked out what parts need to be cut and which parts can be left we then set to carving away from the centre point to reveal a patter/image that stands proud of the Lino.

The block printing ink we used was by a company called ‘Speedball’ and is pre mixed making it easier for us to roll out. Sometimes it is hard to get the consistency correct if you mix it yourself.

Using the perspex runner on the table we used a roller to roll a thin layer of coloured ink and set to pressing the stamp into it. Alternatively the roller can be used to roll over the Lino to get an even spread of ink.

There was a variety of patterns made some using the negative space, some using the full stamp and this just re-affirmed that even though everyone had been tasked with the same brief we all had a different creative end result.

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