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Storm Imogen and Valentines Winner Announced

02 08 16

Sea, Seaside, Blackpool, Storm Imogen

Yesterday the sun was shining on the North West and I decided that my Sunday stroll should be beside the sea as I hardly get the chance to venture towards the promenade unless I am driving up to Fleetwood or Lytham.

When I arrived it was oh so windy with Storm Imogen rolling into town! The tide was in so there was some crashing waves but not as many now we have the ‘spanish style steps’ that lead down into the sand from the promenade. I love to watch the sea but to get this shot I had to steady my hands on the railings and within minutes my glasses were awash with the salty sea air.

On Friday I launched my very first competition to win a letterpress Valentine’s Day Card and the response was overwhelming. I heard lots of romantic love stories on the blog as well as gaining lots of new interest over on Facebook and Twitter so thank you to everyone who took part.

The winner of the competition is…. Lorraine Brown! (Entered via Facebook) Don’t worry if you did not win this time. I will be holding more competitions over the next few weeks with Mothers Day on the horizon. If you do want to buy any of my letterpress cards they are over on Folksy.

Are we ready for the week ahead and storm Imogen?

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