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Monoprint Workshop

01 27 14

Monoprint Workshop

Today was the last workshop I will be holding at the Squirrel & Tiffin Pop-Up Exhibition space but there will be one more this coming Wednesday held by artist Claire Bates on Book Sculpture.

Monoprinting was a skill I learnt back at the start of the Grant period at Hotbed Press in Salford Manchester. I found it difficult to draw freehand as a photographer and screen printer but still wanted to include this in the workshop listings mainly because no where else in Blackpool has the facility to do so.

I gave the participants the chance to be challenged and with no inspiration wanted to see what art work could be achieved. I have to say it was very good! First of all we roll a thin layer of ink onto wither a sheet of perspex or a square of glass. Then we laid a piece of paper over the top and began to freehand draw onto the paper and when this is peeled off it reveals a print on the reverse.

A great afternoon where people learnt new skills to take away. One or two participants commented that they have bought some tools we used in previous workshops to use at home and will be adding this roller and relief ink to the list as its a great way to create art at home and pass on to other family members.

Great art for all!

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