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New beginnings in the allotment pots

01 21 16

The allotment became a part of my life last year for a number of reasons and I now use it as often as I can. Initially I went to create pottery but it has led to so much more than this.

The free pottery workshops became available through the Banquet project funded by LeftCoast (local Creative People in Places initiative) but it quickly became clear that the shared allotment was a space open to all each week for free sessions with Grow Blackpool.

After the pottery workshops finished I found I was still craving the feeling of dirt on my hands and wanted my own crops to explore how I could grow organic inks to print with. This process is still ongoing as you can imagine growing can take time but so far I have learnt about the earth and what wonderful and surprising colours you can achieve from different plants.

Now that it is winter the main job at the allotment is cultivating plants from seeds to create new plants. This week we especially focused on the blackberry plant on a new plot. This had been left to grow wild and although it looked like it may not bear anymore fruit it was intact three years old and ready for a whole new crop.

The process is simple. You take a cutting the length of your hand (and a bit!) and then force this into the ground until there is an index finger showing. This is called ‘no dig crop cultivation’ and I have to say that is my kind of growing. There is a whole host of reasons for this and its mainly about respecting the soil and working with it rather than forcing it to do what you want.

So my lesson this time around was to not give up hope with the plants that look like they may be a little old and slightly ‘twiggy’.

For more inspiration on flora and fauna in the contemporary home please check out my pinterest board here.

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