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Organic ink and dye growing starts!

02 10 16

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Teasel, seeds, sewing,Lats summer I experimented with the idea of using plants and natural foliage to create my own inks for printing. I also had the opportunity to make some natural dyes for the fabrics I use when screen printing.

Although I found the process quite hard at times I did find great comfort in knowing I could use the allotment (and the wonderful staff at GrowBlackpool) to answer any and all of my questions. There was some small victories in using beetroot boiled for hours and a surprising result with wild grass but never anything solid and that I could rely on.

Today I was able to reignite this passion over a conversation in the Polytunnel sewing Teasel seeds. I discussed my idea with the head of the allotment and she too was excited of the idea that I could grow and use my own produce for printing and decided to allocate me my very own plot!

At this time of the year the allotment is at the seed gathering and sewing stages. This means it is a perfect opportunity for me to select the plants and crops that will give me the strongest colours and start to integrate them into my plot.

As always I want to involve as many people as possible in the process as my core values always lie in the fact that skills should be shared and not hidden. With this in mind I will be applying for more funding to turn some sessions at the allotment into free workshops for the community.

2016 – you are turning out to be a good one! Has anybody got any advice or plants they would like to see grown over this next year? I have already had a request for purple carrots.

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