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04 11 16

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Traveling to Oslo was again a great adventure. The Flamsbana Train is a vintage style train that has TV’s on telling you facts and information about what you are going past with prompts to look at the different sides of the train. The second train being more modern still wasn’t a let down as it hosted a cafe on board with pizza oven and beers!

Arriving in Oslo was I have to admit quite overwhelming after such a peaceful few days in the remote hills the hustle and bustle of a city hit me and I started to realize how relaxing it was in Flam. That said there was plenty to do in Oslo including another dock to visit, a boat that takes you over to the Viking boat museum and some funky abstract art strung up in the desirable shopping area.

And so that is the end of the great Norwegian trip! Thoroughly enjoyable and I think some of Norway will always be forever lodged in my heart.

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