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Relief Printing and Book Making Workshop

01 16 14

Relief Printing

Yesterday we had the delights of meeting Gemma Lacey an expert printmaker from Manchester. Gemma taught us that we can have fun when working in a group and that inexpensive materials can be used in so many ways to create a piece of art too.

The session started with making simple doodles onto paper of memories we have of being a child in Blackpool. We then passed these on to the next person to add to what they saw and so on until we got our paper back. Using this for inspiration we then made our own books using a few simple valley (or mountain!) folds and one cut down the centre part. This was once again worked on and sent around the table until full of designs and fun memories from each person. This demonstrated a story book and got the ideas flowing.

Using special cutting tools we started to carve our shapes and designs into the large eraser we had been given to make a rubber stamp – and then the fun really began!

Simple design and simple print making. This is what the session was all about and what I am hoping to give the participants of the workshops. Its this chance to learn a new skill thats relatively inexpensive and easy to do so that these can be recreated within peoples own working week or to teach others in the area what they have learnt.

The project is working!

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