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Repeat Pattern Workshop

01 06 14

Squirrel and Tiffin Workshop

Today was the first of the free workshops at the Exhibition space. I thought it only right that myself (Squirrel) kicks off the workshops and so it was repeat pattern that was on the agenda.

To start off I explained the workshop I attended at Hotbed Press a few months ago and how with a little imagination we could recreate the repeat pattern process using potatoes! First of all we designed something we thought simple but effective to print, then we cut out using craft knives our masterpieces.

Once we had the basics of a stamp, I then explained about printing inks onto fabric using textile medium and acrylic paints (These are mixed together so that the ink stays on fabric and won’t wash away). Then it was down to each of us to create our own repeat pattern and the results were fantastic. Each design was different, from blocks of colour to intricate linear designs.

I also gave a short tutorial how to make our pieces of art into something we could use – a zipper pouch. Simple stitching makes these creations into something we can use daily and along with a handout I am assured the students will be making more in the future.

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