Squirrel & Tiffin HQ

Squirrel and Tiffin HQ | The heart of Squirrel and Tiffin

The two main creative processes I work with are photographic screen printing and letterpress. These traditional methods give my products a unique and handmade feel to them and guarantee quality and originality for my customers.

The reason I use these methods of printmaking is because these processes can not be reproduced by a computer or mass produced by faceless companies.

It is a labour of love with some weeks spent making lots of screens ready for exposing or typesetting a new range of cards. It is the feeling of excitement seeing the first print coming off the press that makes it all worth while even if I am covered in ink at 10pm at night.

To deliver a lovingly hand made product to a client is my main goal and what I aim to achieve each day I am in my little studio beside the sea. 

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