Letterpress Studio

Letterpress is a process used traditionally for making newspaper prints, posters and other printed literature. It is a process in which you can take any font (know as led type) and arrange it into sentences or blocks of paragraphs (known as type setting) to create a printed piece of literature. I use letterpress to make a range of cards, small art work and the occasional Wedding invite.

Letterpress for Fun

  • Letterpress workshops for up to two people at a time
  • Letterpress one off items for a gift
  • Use Letterpress on art work you already have
  • Learn the process and the machinery

Letterpress for Business

  • If you are looking for a bespoke item for you or your client
  • New product development, prototypes, seeing your logo in Letterpress format
  • Artwork for the office or reception environment
  • Business Cards

Letterpress for Creatives

  • Layering Letterpress with hand drawn art work
  • Contact Cards that stand out
  • Promotional materials for exhibitions
  • Combining Letterpress with Screen Print

Letterpress for Weddings

  • Invitation notes onto card
  • Thank you cards with your own personal message
  • Place cards for the big day
  • Gifts for each other or your guests

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