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Screen Printing Workshop

01 13 14

Screen Print with Squirrel and Tiffin

Monday morning and the streets of Blackpool are filled with a variety of music and in particular a violinist outside the Squirrel & Tiffin Exhibition space. This made it such a delight to be in the Exhibition and while the music filled the space I began to prepare for the Screen Print workshop.

Using just a few simple items I (chief Squirrel) started to teach the ten enthusiasts how to make a home made screen and then print their own piece of artwork. First of all we drew a design onto a piece of plain white paper. Then stretching a pair of tights over an embroidery hoop we then traced our design onto the mesh.

Using PVA glue we then started to block out the areas we didn’t want the ink to go through – the negative space around the design. After a quick blast with the hairdryer and a brew we started to apply the fabric ink and bring the designs to life on the fabric.

Overall the designs varied from simple to extravagant but more importantly we all learnt how to make these ourselves at home or in our own studio.

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