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01 14 16

Training for small creative businesses and artists is readily available online these days as we all know how difficult it can be to attend events especially when they are in the city.

January has always been the time when I try and update the website, learn a new skill or simply spend more time in front of the Mac rather than printing at the studio.

This year Esty have launched their #etsyresolutions and these come in the form of webinars from Patricia Van Den Akker at The Design Trust. The first session has really got me thinking about my product range and simple questions around marketing.

So far I have come to realise that the reason I run Squirrel & Tiffin is because I want to unite my passions. My passion for photography – I studied at A-Level, National Diploma and hold a BA Hons in the subject. My passion for the traditional – using the antique press to make my letterpress cards. Most importantly of all my passion to create and be creative.

I want my legacy to be a contribution in time that celebrates and remembers traditional forms of printmaking. I want my clients to feel that when they buy a product from me or when a participant attends my workshop they are helping to keep the printing dream alive.

What is your legacy? What do you want to do with your creative skills? Lots of interesting feedback from social media around this. I wonder what you think?

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