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Spare Parts Festival Commission

07 11 14

Seagull Screen Print

With just over one week to go we are super excited for our next art commission at Fleetwoods Tram Sunday. This year LeftCoast (a local Creative People in Places funding initiative) have commissioned various artists and creatives to be apart of their half of Tram Sunday – the Spare Parts Festival.

I decided to apply for funding to do something quirky and unique on board two trams and have been successful in gaining the grant. This side of Squirrel & Tiffin is quite a new approach having been an artist for many years but never curating an independent art space.

This commission includes a terrarium, camera obscura as well as creative workshop and some very exciting theatre.

So come along to Pharos Street on Sunday 20th July between 10-5pm and we will gladly welcome you on board!

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