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03 13 16

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Flying has never been a favorite of mine so when the opportunity to go to Norway came up I was delighted it was only an hour away. A smooth ride over the clouds a few bumps through them and I could see the vast waterways and rock formations of Stavanger.

I was greeted by my long lost friend Kenny, my best and most valued friend at university. I can not believe it has been 8/9 years since we last met and it’s like nothing has changed!

Saturday was a day exploring the wild and windy coast down to Olberg (see my next post!) and then back to the docks for food and drinks. Everybody warns Norway is expensive and it is but it’s so clean, safe, good quality food and drink, the service is excellent and who can resist the architecture? I would rather pay a little bit more and earn a lot more to live this way.

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