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Natural Soy Wax Melts from the Valley Mill

02 11 16

Valley Mill Wax MeltsSoy Wax Melts Valley MillIndividual Wax Melts A few weeks back I was gifted these luxurious soy wax melts from the nice people at the Valley Mill shop in Wales. I had ordered lots of things online that particular week and waited in anticipation for this little box to arrive. When it did I certainly knew about it as I could smell the sweet scents before I opened the package – what a nice treat dropping through my letterbox!

The two scents I chose were Jasmine (because I love the smell) and Bara Brith a traditional Welsh cake (also the first one I tried out). After lighting my candle it was a matter of minutes before the wax had melted into a clear liquid. The smell was DIVINE! I am completely a cake person but with New Year’s resolutions still lingering I haven’t treated myself as much as I used to. This lovely cakey smell filled my living room without being over bearing with the added bonus of having zero calories.

The Jasmine wax melt I savored for the weekend, more specifically for a Sunday night while I pottered about the house doing the chores for the week ahead. Jasmine has many health benefits including stress relief and if ingested can lower blood pressure and cholesterol. I have also read in the Guardian online it can refresh and rejuvenate so just what I needed on a Sunday evening.

The packaging has an artisan feel to it with natural stock cardboard being used for the outer packaging and the small boxes holding the soy wax melts being wrapped in their own natural paper. The individual melts are also really unique as they are hand poured into molds that replicate the Valley Mill logo. I thought that was a nice touch as all aspects have been considered compared to others I have seen that are just small round disks when you open up them up. Overall a great way to naturally scent your home!

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